• HM Queen Officially Opens Railway

    On Wednesday 9 September, HM The Queen travelled from Edinburgh to Tweedbank by steam train to officially open the Borders Railway. 

  • Passenger services begin

    Passenger services began on Sunday 6 September. Members of the public got the first chance to travel on the new Borders Railway route when the first train left Tweedbank at 08:45.

  • Golden ticket day

    On Saturday 5 September Golden Ticket holders got the chance to travel on the new Borders Railway the day before the new railway opened to passengers. 


    ScotRail’s driver and conductor training on the new Borders Railway comes to an end with the last driver completing the route learning process. 


    ScotRail has confirmed that tickets for travel on the new Borders Railway are now available on its website.

  • Driver Training

    Driver and conductor training begins on the new line. The occasion was marked by a visit from Cabinet Secretary for Infrastructure, Investment and Cities, Keith Brown. 

  • Proving Train

    A proving train ran on the Borders Railway on Sunday 7 June. The train – which is used to measure stepping distances from the train to the platform – stopped at all the stations along the route, from Newcraighall to Tweedbank.

  • Madge Elliot

    Veteran railway campaigner, Madge Elliot, was honoured in a locomotive naming ceremony at Edinburgh Waverley Station.

  • Test Trains

    Network Rail’s test trains ran on the railway to analyse the alignment of the recently installed rails.

  • The Last Bridge

    The last bridge over the Borders Railway was installed. The footbridge at Harelaw provides a connection from Newton Village to the new station at Shawfair.

  • ScotRail Timetable Published

    ScotRail has published the new Borders Railway timetable, allowing future passengers to plan their journeys on the new railway. Click here for more information.

  • Melrose Sevens Sponsorship

    In April, the railway sponsored the Melrose 7s for the third year running. We encouraged drivers to use the railway for the next competition in 2016 and donated mini rugby balls to the event to help raise funds for Breast Cancer Care - the official charity for the tournament.

  • Artwork Brings Borders Railway to Life

    A 70 metre long train wrapped in specially-designed livery to promote some of the top attractions served by the new railway was unveiled.

  • Last Rail Secured with Golden Clip

    Cabinet Secretary Keith Brown secured the final rail with a golden clip at Tweedbank station.

  • Rail Installation Completion Ceremony

    Cabinet Secretary, Keith Brown, arrives at Tweedbank by train as part of the ceremony to mark the completion of rail installation.

  • Rail Installation Completed

    Project Director Nissar Mohammed, Cabinet Secretary Keith Brown and Network Rail Project Director, Hugh Wark (L-R) mark the compleiton of rail installation at Tweedbank station. 

  • Ballast Train Travel Through Scottish Borders

    Ballast trains have been making their way through a wintry Scottish Borders.

  • Track Laying Team

    The track laying team leave their mark as they reach the end of the Borders Railway route.

  • Track Laying Winston Road

    The track laying team make their way towards Tweedbank past Langlee and under Winston Road bridge.

  • Track Laying Team Pulls Out of Galashiels

    The rail installation train pulls out of Galashiels past Asda and towards Tweedbank.

  • Track Laying Team in Galashiels

    The track laying team made their way through Galashiels.

  • Track Laying Arrives in Galashiels

    The track laying team of the Borders Railway reaches Galashiels.

  • Snow Covered Falahill

    This image shows the A7 at Falahill crossing the railway as it heads south.

  • Tweedbank Island Platform

    The island platform at Tweedbank is taking shape. Looking north towards Galashiels.

  • Bowshank Tunnel - Track Laying

    Highlights from Bowshank Tunnel as the track laying team made their way through towards Galashiels.

  • Track Laying - Approaching Galashiels

    Recent highlights from the track laying team as they make their way towards Galashiels

  • Ballast Train

    View of the ballast train between Stow and the Bowshank Tunnel.

  • Train in Bowshank Tunnel

    Train carrying rails travels through Bowshank Tunnel on newly laid long-weld rail

  • Gorebridge Station Under Snow

    Snow covered much of the route in early Janaury. This picture shows Gorebridge station and the continuing construction of the new car park for rail users. 


    Construction along the line continues in very cold conditions. This picture shows work ongoing to complete Stow station. 


    A ballast train travels south through the snow near Fountainhall. 

  • Railway Passing under High Buckholmside, Galashiels

    The railway will pass under High Buckholmside (A7) as it enters the centre of Galashiels and towards the town’s new station.

  • First traffic on line

    Empty bogeys are the first traffic to run northwards on the newly laid track.

  • To the heart of the Scottish Borders

    The rail installation train continuing its journey South into the picturesque Scottish Borders towards Foutainhall.

  • Rail Installation Train Close Up

    Rail installation train heads North to restock with rails for the following day’s work.

  • Track Laying Hangingshaw

    The rail installation machine heads south through Hangingshaw towards Fountainhall.

  • Track Laying Falahill

    The rail installation machine emerges from under the A7 flyover at Falahill.

  • Track Laying Reaches the Scottish Borders

    The team celebrate the arrival of the rail installation machine in the Scottish Borders. (L-R) Scottish Borders Council Leader, David Parker, Network Rail Projects Manager South and Central Sections, Ken MacGillivary and Scottish Borders Council CEO, Tracey Logan.

  • Track Laying Tynehead

    The rail installation machine works its through Tynehead towards the Scottish Borders.

  • Track Laying Gore Glen

    A top ballast train passes underneath a new timber footbridge at Gore Glen. A number of different engineering trains will be part of the track laying process.

  • Track Laying Halflawkiln

    The rail installation machine reaches Halflawkiln in the South of Midlothian.

  • Track Laying Gorebridge

    The rail installation machine lays track through Gorebridge Station in Midlothian.

  • Track Laying Newtongrange

    The rail installation machine passing the National Mining Museum close to Newtongrange Station.

  • Track Laying Lothianbridge Viaduct

    The rail installation machine makes its way across the Lothianbridge Viaduct.

  • Track Laying Hardengreen Bridge

    The rail installation machine reaches Hardengreen Bridge where it crosses the A7.

  • Transport Minister at Shawfair station

    Transport Minister Keith Brown visited the newly-constructed Shawfair station today to officially launch the rail installation programme.

  • Track Laying Eskbank Station

    The rail installation machine making its way through Eskbank Station.

  • Approach to Glenesk Viaduct

    This is the rail installation machine on its approach to Glenesk Viaduct in Dalkeith.

  • Rail installation machine heads south from Shawfair

    Transport Minister and Chief Executive of Network Rail on the footbridge at Shawfair station to watch the tracks being laid.  

  • State-of-the-art rail installation machine

    The machine is capable of laying over 1km of rail per day onto 90,000 sleepers laid out along the route.

  • Rail installation machine at work north of Shawfair station

    Work has now begun to install almost 30 miles of rail along the new route.

  • Sleepers Aligned

    Concrete sleepers are aligned on ballast ready for track-laying in October. View from Shawfair station.

  • Newtongrange Footbridge Handrails

    Handrails are installed on the steps of one of the Newtongrange footbridges.

  • Newtongrange Footbridge Lift

    The team lift a prefabricated concrete set of steps into place for one of the two footbridges being constructed close to Newtongrange Station.

  • Newtongrange Footbridge

    The team hoist the deck of the new Newtongrange footbridge into place. The Borders Railway will not have a single level-crossing due to the dangers they can pose.

  • Shawfair Footbridge

    The footbridge crossing Shawfair station has been craned into place. Another footbridge will be installed further south to enable residents of Newton
    village to cross the railway safely.

  • Kings Gate Sleepers

    A section of concrete sleepers positioned through woodland between Eskbank and the A720 Edinburgh City Bypass, looking north.

  • Sleepers Positioned Through Shawfair Station

    Concrete sleepers have been positioned through Shawfair station ahead of track-laying. This is one of the two new stations being built that will have two platforms.

  • Switches and Crossings Unit Mechanism

    A close-up of a switches and crossings unit which shows the mechanism by which trains can be moved across to a parallel section of track.

  • Switches and Crossing Units

    A 220-tonne crane lifted a prefabricated section of track into place at Kings Gate, Midlothian, south of the A720 Edinburgh City Bypass. The switches and crossings units are sets of pre-fabricated points which allow trains to switch onto a different railway alignment.

  • Concrete Sleepers Positioned

    Specialist machinery lifts concrete sleepers into place onto ballast looking north towards Shawfair station.

  • Approach to Eskbank

    Ballast and retaining walls in place on the approach to Eskbank station, looking north.

  • Heriot Underpass

    Concrete is poured to create base for Heriot pedestrian underpass underneath the new railway. Work continues to create the ramp section to ground level.

  • Fibre Channels

    Looking north towards the Edinburgh city bypass, bright blue fibre channels for telecoms are installed alongside the railway.

  • Tweedbank Station - August 2014

    The station site is being prepared ahead of foundations being installed.

  • Winston Road - August 2014

    Intense activity continuing on Winston Road bridge, with structural work nearing completion. The new bridge over the railway is still on course to reconnect Winston Road in October this year.

  • Currie Road - August 2014

    Work underway to connect the bridge up with the rest of the line to the South.

  • Galashiels Station - August 2014

    Preparation work for the platform is moving quickly. The Transport Interchange is being constructed in the top right of the image.

  • Galashiels (Looking South)

    The approach into Galashiels.


  • Stow Station (Above)

    A concrete pour has been undertaken forming the foundations of the station platform.

  • Gorebridge to Stow

    Distinctive pink ballast has now been installed along long sections of the route.

  • Bowshank Tunnel - Slab Track

    Concrete slab track has now been installed. 

  • Gabion Baskets

    Bridges which cross rivers have been reinforced with gabion baskets.

  • Gorebridge - Sleepers and Station

    Sleepers being laid ahead of work starting on the new station.

  • Eskbank Station - Platform

    The station platform being put in place.

  • Eskbank Station - August 2014

    Pre-cast units have now been installed to form the platform.

  • Preparation ahead of track laying

    Ballast has begun to be spread across the line ahead of the main track laying phase which begins in October.

  • Edinburgh City Bypass - August 2014

    Drainage works being undetaken at either side of the bridge. This is the last major earthworks in the North section of the line.

  • Shawfair - Sleepers

    Sleepers positioned on the approach to Shawfair Station.


  • Millerhill - Bridge

    Construction is on-going for a new bridge which will connect a new recycling facility with the road network.

  • Millerhill (Looking South)

    Rocks being removed from the track bed.

  • Concrete pour

    Bridge south of Galashiels: concrete deck being poured

  • Sleepers prepared

    Sleepers are being placed along the route ahead of the main track laying phase taking place from October.

  • Ballast

    Some of the hundreds of tonnes of ballast stone which will provide track stability, drainage and load bearing capacity for rail carriages.

  • Hardengreen Roundabout - Sleepers

    Some of the thousands of sleepers which will line the new track situated to the left of the image. The sleepers will provide track stability, drainage and load bearing capacity for rail carriages.

  • Lothianbridge Viaduct

    The viaduct is now ready for the track to be placed on it.

  • Sleepers Along Line

    Along the line, sleepers are being stored, ahead of the track laying which will take place in the autumn.

  • Galashiels Station

    Work on the station and retaining wall has begun, and will continue through to winter 2014

  • Tweedbank Station Works

    Preparatory works beginning at the site of Tweedbank railway station. Once complete the station will have 241 free car parking spaces.

  • Tweedbank - Galashiels

    The route of the line from Tweedbank into Galashiels

  • Bowshank Tunnel - Sleeper Installation

    The team install some of the 860 concrete sleepers which will be laid in Bowshank Tunnel.

  • Bowshank Tunnel - Sleepers

    860 concrete sleepers will be laid within the Bowshank Tunnel. This work is precision engineering and each sleeper is set to the millimetre.

  • Shawfair Station Taking Shape

    Looking North, concrete slabs are laid across the struts of the station’s foundations.

  • Bridge Water Proofing Installed

    The Torquhan South Bridge, close to Fountainhall, has been fitted with a waterproof membrane as well as a maintenance pathway and fencing.  

  • Protecting the Railway

    Steel sheet piles are driven into the ground to stabilise embankments and prevent land slips.

  • Bowland Bridge

    The B710 (Clovenfords Road) opened in July after a new railway bridge was constructed over the road.

  • Falahill - Bridge

    Work progressing at the new bridge at Falahill.  Bridge walls visible alongside the A7.

  • Shawfair

    Looking south, Shawfair station foundation being
    prepared ahead of platform installation.

  • Bridge work

    Along the route the Borders Railway team are restoring original Waverley Line iron bridges. This is an original plaque on one of the 12 wrought iron girder bridges along the route to be restored.


  • Gorebridge

    Looking north, groundwork continuing.

  • New railway tie-in

    Most northerly point of the new Borders Railway, where it ties in with the existing railway network.  The new line of route can be seen into the distance as far as the Edinburgh City Bypass.


  • Falahill Works

    Road has been realigned to accommodate the new rail line.

  • Stow

    Groundworks for station continue. Temporary sound barrier in place to reduce noise of work at Stow Primary School.

  • Currie Road rail bridge

    Bridge installation works taking place.

  • Gore Glen

    New rail bridge over A7, with approach now installed.

  • Rail Bridge installed over Wheatlands Road

    The installation of the steel beams for the rail bridge over Wheatlands Road in Galashiels is completed.

  • Bridge Ties

    Infill stone is spread over a mesh of ties which are fixed to the bridge’s approach walls.

  • Environmental Monitoring

    One of our regular environmental checks along the construction site.

  • Raising the Parapets

    Stonework on bridges crossing the railway near Eskbank has included raising the bridge parapets to improve the safety of pedestrians and vehicles. The team’s stonework has required matching the materials carefully with the original bridge.

  • A720 Edinburgh City Bypass – Reinstatement Ahead

    The walls and waterproofing of the structure which will carry the city bypass over the railway have been completed. The excavation around the crossing has also been filled with infill stone. The next stage will see the reinstatement of the original bypass and deconstruction of the temporary bypass.

  • A Rail Approach for Hardengreen

    Space behind the walls will be filled with infill stone to raise the level of the approach to meet the height of the bridge deck.

  • Panels Form Approach to Hardengreen Bridge

    Reinforced concrete panels are being clicked together to form the walls of the approach to a number of bridges along the route, including at Hardengreen.

  • Preparing for Passengers at Shawfair

    The North team put the finishing touches to the bridge which will take passengers to the new Shawfair station. 

  • Brian Gilbert Tidies Up Hollowshank Bridge

    Brian Gilbert, a sub-contractor on the Borders Railway, leads a team of workmen in tidying up the concrete after it has been cast on Hollowshank Bridge, close to Fountainhall. Brian is ‘back rubbing’ the concrete structure using a process similar to sanding wood. This provides a high quality finish to the concrete.

  • Spring Working

    Work to fill in the site at Falahill continues. The longer daylight hours is making life easier for the project team.

  • Long Reach Excavator used for Embankments

    Specialist machinery, including this long reach excavator, is used to move stones and rubble to bolster the embankments along the line.

  • Tynehead Retaining Walls

    Close to the village of Tynehead and a stone’s throw from Borthwick Castle, there is substantial work continuing to create retaining walls and strengthen embankments to protect the railway track.

  • Gore Glen Bridge (Looking South)

    Earthworks are taking place around Gore Glen railway bridge to raise the level of the approach embankments so the train can pass safely over the A7.

  • Weatherproofing the Railway

    Drainage is a fundamental part of any modern railway. Along the Borders Railway, pumps have to be installed, pipes laid and storage tanks and culverts (drains) constructed to take water safely away from the line. 

  • Hard Hats at Hardengreen Bridge

    After the installation of the two bridge beams passing over the Hardengreen roundabout, scaffolding was erected around the structure. This provided the team access to complete the bridge deck ahead of the installation of sleepers and rails.

  • Rolling Out the Temporary Road at Falahill

    The temporary road has been created to allow bridge works to progress on the A7.


  • Sleepers

    Some of the 93,000 railway sleepers that will soon help form the railway

  • Currie Road Bridge

    Steel fixers reinforce the steel girders on Currie Road Bridge in Galashiels


  • Galashiels

    The construction team pour in new foundations for the Wheatlands Road Bridge, Galashiels

  • A720 City Bypass

    Good progress continues to be made to construct a new bridge under the A720 city bypass. Works are expected to be completed in late spring, when the road alignment will return to its original formation

  • Falahill

    Rock blasting at Falahill will come to an end in the next few weeks; the excavation site has already begun to be back-filled.

  • Stow Station Site

    An aerial view of Stow station taken in February. Once completed, the new station will provide approximately 28 car parking spaces.

  • Hardengreen Beam Hoist

    Beam two of four is hoisted into place as construction of the new Hardengreen rail bridge continues. Click here for time-lapse footage of the beams hoist.

  • Hardengreen Bridge Installation

    A 1,200 tonne crane required to hoist the bridge’s four 107 tonne beams into place, was erected on Friday evening and into the early hours of Saturday morning.

  • Bridge Wings

    The railway structure beneath the Edinburgh City Bypass is now being fitted with ‘wing walls’ which will retain the slopes either side of the track.

  • Cowbraehill Excavation

    Excavation for the new road bridge at Cowbraehill gets underway.

  • Heriot access road construction

    Work to construct the new access road and bridge for Heriot continues.

  • Tweedbank Station

    Groundworks for the new station at Tweedbank are ongoing. An alteration to the Lowood Estate road has also been made to accomodate the new railway.

  • Winston Road

    Track bed preparation and the reconstruction of the Winston Road bridge will soon get underway following the installation of new utilities.  


  • Hardengreen Roundabout Progress

    With the bridge supports now in place, the works to install the bridge deck will commence in February 2014.

  • First phase of works complete at Bowshank tunnel

    The tunnel will play a vital role in connecting the new railway to the Scottish Borders

  • UB53 (Crookston Mill Railway Bridge)

    The 150 year old Crookston Mill Railway Bridge has been restored to its former glory after five months work.

  • Falahill progress

    Work continuing at Falahill

  • Gala Water, Heriot

    The Gala Water at Heriot has been temporarily diverted to minimise the risk of sediment entering the watercourse whilst new bridges and roads are constructed.

  • Winston Road, Galashiels

    The Borders Railway has been working with utility companies to divert major services close to its construction sites.

  • Bridge at Shawfair

    This bridge structure will eventually provide access to Shawfair Station.


  • Gore Glen Bridge

    Foundation of new bridge being constructed to take the railway over the A7.

  • A720 Edinburgh City Bypass

    Bridge being constructed to allow train to pass below the bypass.

  • Recycling Machinery at Falahill

    Processing material taken from Falahill rock blasting. 

  • Falahill Excavation

  • Rock blasting at Falahill

    Excavated material is being used along the route for roads, embankments and gabions.

  • Rye Haugh Water

    New prefabricated support span now installed along bridge.

  • Gorebridge Station

    Work on-going at Gorebridge, to establish the track bed and construct one of the seven new stations.

  • A720 City Bypass Excavation

    Excavation through the A720 City Bypass in order that the railway can run underneath the dual carriageway.



  • Bridge Deck Replacement over Rye Haugh Water

    The Borders Railway construction team lift a prefabricated support span into place as part of the restoration of Bridge 92, a feature of the old Waverley Line.

  • Gala Water diversion, Hazelbank

    Work to divert the river back onto its former route to allow railway embankment repairs to start.

  • Tynehead earthworks

    Embankment restructuring to ensure greater stabilisation for trains.

  • Excavation work on the City bypass embankment makes progress

  • Works to excavate city bypass get underway

  • Temporary Diversion ahead of opening

    The A720 temporary diversion facing west, ahead of opening.


  • Temporary Diversion Construction

    Constructing the new temporary diversion of the A720 at Sheriffhall Roundabout.

  • Temporary Diversion Planning

    Planning the construction of the new temporary diversion of the A720 at Sheriffhall Roundabout.

  • Bowshank Tunnel

    Restoration of the Bowshank Tunnel continues. Following the exclusion of bats from the tunnel, work is progressing to construct new concrete foundations at each entrance.

  • Earthworks at Falahill

    Looking South

  • Hardengreen Roundabout

    Work either side of the Hardengreen roundabout is underway to create the correct ground levels to allow for the construction of the flyover. Heading south, the railway curves left and crosses the Lothianbridge viaduct.

  • Track Bed and Drainage

    Along some sections of the route, such as this area near Galashiels, work has begun to prepare the ground for laying the new track. This includes drainage alongside the line to prevent flooding.

  • Winston Road Excavations Begin

    The cutting at Winston Road, Galashiels has begun to be excavated. Winston Road will close to traffic in late September to allow a new road bridge to be built over the railway.

  • Bridge Construction

    This image shows the construction of a road bridge in Millerhill. Piling and ground works are underway for the railway flyover at Hardengreen roundabout and for the Gore Glen bridge over the A7.

  • Recycling at Fountainhall

    Materials from earthworks required to construct the line have been stored and will be reused for landscaping, the construction for roads and the reinforcement of embankments.

  • Moving earth into place at Gore Glen

  • Tynehead Cutting Works

    Materials from earthworks required to construct the line have been stored and will be reused for landscaping, the construction for roads and the reinforcement of embankments.

  • Bridge Restoration

    With over 140 bridges along the route, a series of strengthening and restoration projects are underway to bring them back into use. If you are in the area, you may notice white encapsulation material covering the bridges while we blast and paint the old steelwork. 

  • Major Earthworks Continue at Falahill

    Work is ongoing to remove large sections of rock to create a cutting for the railway. The rock will be used in the construction of nearby road and railway embankments.

  • Lothianbridge Viaduct Restoration

    The 19th century Lothianbridge Viaduct is undergoing a makeover before it takes centre stage once again to service the new Borders Railway line.

    On-going works include masonry repair and repointing works, as well as the resurfacing of the landing where the track will run come 2015.

  • Falahill South rock cut

  • Catcune South - Earthworks

    Catcune South earthworks cut for gabion baskets, with Borthwick Castle in the background.

  • Considerate construction practices

    As part of the commitment to considerate construction, site access points are sprayed during dry periods to prevent dust being spread on public roads.

  • Masonry repairs to structure

    Masonry repairs to bridge in Stow.

  • Temporary diversionary routes

    Work began in early June to build a temporary diversionary route for the Edinburgh city by-pass, to the east of the Sherrifhall roundabout.

  • Gore Glen piling work

    The embankment at Gore Glen, adjacent to the A7, is prepared for piling work which will ready the ground for the weight of this major structure.

  • Ground preparation work commences in advance of piling works at Hardengreen

  • Excavation works progressing

    The mining remediation rig tracks show the line of the route in Shawfair/Monktonhall. 

  • Essential mining remediation works

    Essential mining remediation works begin at Eskbank and Newtongrange in preparation for the construction of the railway.

  • Progress Update April

    April will mark a major milestone for the Borders Railway Project as we move from delivering advance works to starting on the main works. 

  • Midlothian update

    Borders Railway: No Change Required. Whilst speaking to residents at our community drop-ins held across Midlothian and the Borders, it became clear

  • New Central Hub for Borders Railway Project

    Newtongrange will become the busy northern hub for the Borders Railway project over the next few weeks as over 130 members of the team move into new offices in Victoria Park Industrial Estate.

  • De-vegetation works

    Significant progress made on the second phase of de-vegetation works, especially at Hardengreen, Fountainhall and Falahill.

  • First local jobs created

    First local jobs created, with fifteen local people already employed and new positions coming up in the Midlothian area.

  • Advance work progresses

    Advance work progresses quickly in the Midlothian area, preparing the available land for construction work.