Driver and conductor training on the Borders Railway began on 8th June.  This will allow ScotRail staff to familiarise themselves with the route ahead of passenger services starting in September. A total of 64 drivers and 64 conductors are set to be trained on the route as part of a schedule lasting 12 weeks. The drivers will also gain additional route knowledge through watching video footage of the line.

  2. End of the line for Borders Railway installation

    End of the line for Borders Railway installation

    The installation of almost 30 miles of rail on the new Borders Railway was officially completed today (Thursday, February 12) when Keith Brown, Cabinet Secretary for Infrastructure, joined the project team to clip the final length of rail into place.

  3. Vegetation Works Video

    Vegetation Works Video

    This short film explains how safe corridors are created for trains to run through on the Borders Railway and the ecological surveys undertaken to ensure appropriate methods of working are put in place to help minimise disruption to protected species, nesting birds and the local habitat.

  4. Borders Railway Track Laying Video

    Borders Railway Track Laying Video

    The Borders Railway project is now entering the final phase of construction with the installation of rail now underway. Watch our latest video to see the official launch of this important phase of the track-laying programme and find out about the modern processes that will be used to complete almost 30 miles of the Borders route by the end of the year.

  5. Borders Railway Structures Video

    Borders Railway Structures Video

    Watch our latest video about the 140 bridges, tunnels and structures being transformed and built along the Borders Railway route. Find out more about cutting edge engineering techniques and the legacy left by the Victorian railway pioneers being brought together to re-connect the Scottish Borders, Midlothian and Edinburgh.

  6. Tweedbank - Glenfield Road

    Tweedbank - Glenfield Road

    Tweedbank will be the south terminus of the Borders Railway; it will have a central lengthened island station platform to allow it to be used for longer charter trains as well as a 240-space car park at the station; the largest car park on the route. From Tweedbank, the railway crosses the River Tweed, over the Redbridge Viaduct, heading towards Galashiels.

    Date: 8th April, 2014.

  7. Galashiels - Glenfield Road - Currie Road

    Galashiels - Glenfield Road - Currie Road

    Trains will travel on an embankment alongside the Gala Water, the river which runs through the centre of Galashiels.  The railway will cross over Currie Road on a new bridge with a 40 metre span.  

    Date: 8th April, 2014.

  8. Galashiels – Wheatlands Road – Ryehaugh

    Galashiels – Wheatlands Road – Ryehaugh

    The new station in Galashiels will be located a short distance from where the original station was located before the Waverley line closed.  The train will then travel through Galashiels and over a new bridge at Wheatlands Road.

    Date: 8th April, 2014. 

  9. Ryehaugh – Bowlands

    Ryehaugh – Bowlands

    Ryehaugh Water is the largest bridge to be restored along the southern part of the old Waverley Line. It has been out of use for 45 years and the original bridge deck was removed several years later.  The project team restored the bridge and installed new beams in October 2013.

    Date: 8th April, 2014.

  10. Bowshank Tunnel - Bowbridge

    Bowshank Tunnel - Bowbridge

    The 200m long Bowshank tunnel will play a vital role in connecting the new railway and is one of two historic tunnels being refurbished along the route. The 165-year-old Victorian structure has been refurbished up to modern standards. This has included delicate masonry and brick work, the lowering of the floor of the tunnel as well as concrete spraying to secure the walls and roof. 

    Date: 8th April, 2014.

  11. Stow Station

    Stow Station

    The new station at Stow will be located near the centre of the village and adjacent to the primary school. The project team is working closely with the school. A number of class projects are planned including Scottish Youth Theatre safety workshops, an art project to decorate the construction sound barrier and the maths and engineering focussed ‘Bridges to Schools’ programme.

    Date: 8th April, 2014.

  12. Fountainhall


    With the railway running parallel to the A7 in this section, a new road bridge is being constructed at Fountainhall over the railway to provide access to the village from the A7. 

    Date: 8th April, 2014.

  13. Heriot


    Roads in the rural village of Heriot have been altered to allow the railway to run safely through the bottom of the village and create safer access onto the A7 without the need for a level crossing. The construction of the new road bridge crossing the railway at the village, joining the B709 to the A7, has been a major undertaking, in addition to reconfiguration of utility services such as electricity and water. The connection of the new road to the A7 and the new railway line has required the A7 to be widened and realigned.

    Date: 8th April, 2014.

  14. Heriot – Falahill

    Heriot – Falahill

    The design at Falahill has undergone some changes, but work is well underway. Construction will see the A7 shifted slightly to the west of its current alignment, giving more room between the road and the Falahill cottages. It also sees a new bridge built to the south of the properties, carrying the road over the railway. The bridge is the third and final A7 crossing to be constructed. Excavated material at Falahill has also been put to good use along the route. 

    Date: 8th April, 2014.

  15. Tynehead – Borthwick Mains

    Tynehead – Borthwick Mains

    New railway cuttings have been created at Borthwick in an area that has historically been prone to flooding. The new cuttings use modern engineering techniques to ensure high quality drainage.

    Date: 8th April, 2014.

  16. Fushiebridge – Gorebridge Station

    Fushiebridge – Gorebridge Station

    Located at the previous station site, the new Gorebridge station will be close to the town centre and proposed new housing.

    Date: 8th April, 2014.

  17. Gore Glen

    Gore Glen

    A new bridge has been installed at Gore Glen. When work was carried out in November 2013, the construction team worked throughout the night and the crucial fifteen large pre-cast beams were in place by Saturday afternoon. Two cranes then worked through until Sunday morning to lift 100 smaller elements of the bridge into place.

    Date: 8th April, 2014.

  18. Newtongrange – Lothianbridge Viaduct

    Newtongrange – Lothianbridge Viaduct

    The Lothianbridge Viaduct is an iconic structure for the Borders Railway. For its age, the Victorian structure is in excellent condition.   Masonry repairs ,and re-pointing was undertaken by a local company, Forth Stone.

    Date: 8th April, 2014.

  19. Hardengreen Viaduct

    Hardengreen Viaduct

    Hardengreen is the longest structure to be built from scratch along the new Borders Railway route. The installation of the bridge spans took place in February 2014. This saw a 1,200 tonne crane hoist the bridge’s four beams into place, each weighing 107 tonnes.

    Date: 8th April, 2014.

  20. Eskbank Station – City Bypass

    Eskbank Station – City Bypass

    Close to Bonnyrigg and Dalkeith, the new Eskbank station will provide access to the Community Hospital. It will also offer a convenient 10-minute rail link between nearby Edinburgh College and the Milton Road Campus at Brunstane. One of the most noticeable aspects of the Borders Railway project was the temporary diversion of the A720 Edinburgh City Bypass to allow the construction of a bridge so the railway could run underneath the bypass.

    Date: 8th April, 2014.

  21. Shawfair Station

    Shawfair Station

    Shawfair station is the most northerly new station on the railway and will sit at the heart of the new town on the edge of Edinburgh. The station at Shawfair will be accessible via a new road bridge and footbridge constructed by the team. The railway itself will then tie-in with the existing rail network at Millerhill.

    Date: 8th April, 2014.

  22. Kids Get on Board with Railway Safety Workshops

    Kids Get on Board with Railway Safety Workshops

    The Borders Railway project has launched an ambitious programme of safety workshops aimed at reaching every primary school pupil living along the new route in advance of trains returning to the region in 2015.

  23. Time-lapse Footage: Hardengreen Beams Hoist

    Time-lapse Footage: Hardengreen Beams Hoist

    See time-lapse footage taken of four bridge beams which were successfully installed in February as part of the construction of the new Hardengreen rail bridge.

  24. Watch the sod cutting ceremony

    Watch the sod cutting ceremony

    See the Transport Minister, Keith Brown, get the main construction of the Borders Railway officially underway, and short interviews with other members of the project team.